Me and My Equipment

Me: I'm a professional voiceover actor based in Los Angeles, California who excels at CHARACTER voices for projects of all kinds, from animation to commercials, and so much more! Original characters and impressions are two of many tools in my voiceover toolbox. 

My Equipment: I use a Sennheiser 416 microphone, an industry standard home studio booth and Audacity with RX Elements 8 plugins to deliver the best audio from me to YOU! I know how to do basic audio editing, I'm more than happy to send you audio raw or mixed. 


BONUS paragraph! If you're curious about the reasoning behind the name of my website, it's as follows: basically, tautologies are redundancies said in English speaking. Here are 3 fun examples: "You've got to do what you got to do", "Over exaggerating is what I do best", "In my opinion, I think this website is awesome!" and many more.  


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